Automation Solutions


Engineered Automation Hardware

Lines Represented:


AMK Drives and Controls - High Performance  Servo Motors and Drives.  

Interlakes Machine Bases - Standard, semi and fully custom machine bases. Extensive welding, grinding and machining capabilities.

LinMot - Ultra High Performance Cylindrical Servo Motors and Magnetic Springs.

Mayr Corporation- World leader in overload clutches, safety brakes and zero backlash couplings.

MFS  Millers Feeding Solutions - Vibratory and centrifugal parts feeding systems, storage hoppers, inline tracks and escapements. MFS will re-work most manufacturer's feed systems.

MK Modular Conveyor Systems  Extrusion based flat belt, flat top chain, Interlox plastic belt, side flexing chain, dual belt, timing belt, flat top chain, roller and chain conveying systems. Standard modular, indexing and custom conveyor systems.

Neugart - High Precision, High Performance Gearboxes for Servo and Stepper motors. All honed gears with un-caged needle bearings. Highest torque density available.

Stelron Components- Pre-loaded cam and servo operated parallel, dial type and right angle shaft type index drives. Cam and Servo P-Link indexing conveyors, RWB pallet based synchronous assembly chassis, CWB pallet based synchronous/non-synchronous assembly chassis. Walking beam chassis and drive units. Cam and Servo  operated pick and place units. Precision ball slides, single axis cam operated slides, cam operated reciprocators.

Technifor -Part Marking Machines for quality control, automatic identification and permanent traceability for parts of virtually any material. World leader in Micro-Percussion, Scribing, Laser and Rotary Engraving

Tox Pressotechnik - Power Package unique fully self contained air over oil cylinder for hyrdraulic force (.2-200 tons) from shop air. Servo Presses. Hand and air operated presses.  Complete press systems with force and distance monitoring. Tox sheet metal joining system.

Weber Screwdriving Systems -  Handheld/self feeding and modular automatic screw/nut driving spindles with air, DC electric or servo electric drives. Extensive diagnostic/QC capabilities. Self feeding insertion machines.